Slow Jam

Time: 12 noon
Location: Showcase Stage BuildingĀ  (see sign in lobby)

Slow Jam with MarvHave you ever tried joining a jam where they played so fast you couldn't keep up? It can be frustrating and intimidating. Playing music is a process of joyful growth, and we all need time to learn. If you are somewhat new to an instrument or just haven't had a chance to pick with others, this is a great opportunity to play in a safe group setting.

Popular fiddle tunes are chosen for the session. They are first played slowly and then repeated at a faster tempo--not crazy fast--just a bit faster. Learning to play songs cleanly and on-beat, along with gradually stepping up the tempo on the second try is one of the best ways to improve your musical chops.

Slow Jam at Bluegrass from the ForestMusic stands are welcome at the slow jam, even if they are frowned on at regular public jams. No one will judge you here or give you the stink eye if you miss a beat!

The slow jam is facilitated by Marv Sobolesky, professional music teacher and owner of Marv's Music. You will not find a nicer or more patient teacher. Marv is one of the many volunteers at Bluegrass from the Forest. He also runs slow jam events in Winlock, Washington. For more info about slow jams in Winlock, visit the Washington Acoustic Music Association.

So join us at 12:00 pm on Saturday for some safe and sane jamming