Bluegrass From The Forest

July 7 - 9, 2023

Produced by the Kristmastown Kiwanis


Many thanks go out the sponsors who help make this festival possible. We couldn’t do it without them and hope you will support their businesses. Their generous support means we can charge less per ticket, which helps give access to  more members of the community. Music and the arts are food for the soul, and people coming together to enjoy them builds stronger communities.

Would you like donate to Bluegrass From the Forest? Any amount, large or small helps the Kristmastown Kiwanis pay for bands, Chick’s Kids music workshops, porta-potties and more. All proceeds go directly to this wonderful cause.

Click here to donate.

Thanks also go out to the many volunteers who pitch in every year.

Bluegrass From the Forest Festival Sponsorship Levels

Want higher visibility for your business? Become a sponsor!

We appreciate cash and in-kind support (value negotiated), including equipment, supplies, publicity and services. Our festival is run by hard-working volunteers and we cannot produce it without your help! Your participation lowers the cost of producing this fun, family-friendly, affordable festival with GREAT musical talent! Please click here to download our Sponsor Form Thank you!

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