Chick RoseChick Rose School of Bluegrass

Saturday 10am – 2pm: Intensive workshop led by Ryan Stevens and crew – gather in lobby of main auditorium.
Sunday 11:00am – Special performance on the main stage in the auditorium

The Chick Rose School of Bluegrass is a very special program for kids who want to play bluegrass music. Founded by Chick Rose, who passed away in 2012, it lives on in his memory and in the music of the many children who participate.

The program begins on Saturday morning at 10am and goes until 2pm. Children are divided into small groups according to their musical ability and are coached by advanced musicians. The program culminates in a special performance of all the kids on Sunday morning at 11am in the main stage in the big auditorium.  There is no extra charge for this program – let’s fill the stage with kids!

Check out photos from previous years workshops and performances. As always, we are grateful to Nancy Bay for the use of her beautiful photography.