2017 festival schedule


(subject to some possible minor changes and updates)

MAIN STAGE (Performing Arts Center) 

Friday evening

6:40  Special performance by the Pinetop Pickers

7:00  Runaway Train (host band)

8:00  The Purple Hulls

9:00  Whiskey Deaf

Saturday afternoon

1:40  special short performance: Fred Coates an emcee and his guitar

2:00  Runaway Train

3:00  The Purple Hulls

4:00  Richard Bennett and Phil Leadbetter (with special guests)

Saturday evening

6:40  special short performance: Jim Delfel with Rusty Hinges (or a part therof)

6:50  banjo contest winner

7:00  The Purple Hulls

8:00  Whiskey Deaf

9:00  The Special Consensus

Outside behind auditorium – Midnight Hotdogs! (that’s at 12:00 am)


11:00  Chick’s Kids (School of Bluegrass) performance

12:00 Phil Leadbetter and Richard Bennett

1:00  String Theory

2:00  Special Consensus

3:00  all star finale on stage

SHOWCASE STAGE (across the plaza)


10:00  workshop scheduled

11:00  open mic

11:30  Wood, Wires and Bluegrass – Greg Linder and John White

12:20  band scramble (drawing in lobby at 11:15)

1:00  mandolin tasting

3:00  open mic

4:00  open mic

5:00  banjo contest


10:00  workshop scheduled

11:00  open mic

12:00  close

Don’t forget Marv’s slow jam at 11:00 am Saturday in the band room (auditorium building) – open to all!

Workshops – 10:00 am both Saturday and Sunday –  will be found on the drop down menu under “schedule”.  mandolin tasting, band scramble, slow jam, banjo contest information can be found in the “things to do” page