Welcome to Bluegrass From the Forest

Camping at Bluegrass From the Forest

The 2015 festival was another stellar year for the festival – thanks to all who attended, the bands and those who helped out in their respective ways. We Will post pictures and videos soon.

The Bluegrass From the Forest festival offers a host of fun activities, including: four main multiple -band shows (in a great Performing Arts Center), Master Workshops, Band Scramble Showcase (anyone can participate!) Banjo Contest, Chick Rose’s Youth School of Bluegrass, Mandolin Tasting, Marv’s Slow Jam, vendors and much more!There were master workshops, contests, all night jamming in the campground (midnight hot dogs included) and much more! One thing’s for sure – there was something to keep you occupied at any time throughout the weekend!

Our House Band: Runaway Train

We sure appreciated the great performances by all of the bands this past year, the Chick Rose School of Bluegrass and the work of ALL of the volunteers from those who helped judge the band and instrument contests to all who worked to make things run smoothly! Please check back often for updates.

Interested in volunteering?  Call Angela Schauer at (253) 225-0148

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